Intro: Individuality is awesome

Value: Human Rights (Definition comes from Article 1 of the UN's declaration of human rights)

Criterion: Individuality

Contention 1: HRs are paramount

A. Human rights are of the utmost importance.

B. Human rights should be for everyone.

Contention 2: HRs best upheld by individualism. (in CX she admitted there are other ways to uphold HRs, but her criterion is the best)

Contention 3: Competition allows for individualism; cooperation does not.


Anti-value: Chaos, a lack of order

Criterion: Conflict; "strife and inherent rivalry"

Contention 1: Chaos is destructive. Application of the French Revolution

Contention 2: Conflict leads to chaos. Application of the Wadooni people (or h/e you spell it)

Contention 3: Competition fosters conflict.