Intro: Lead is harmful

Criterion: Human and Environmental Health

Inherency 1: No lead wheel weight regulation

ev: EPA, May 2009,

H1. Environmental degradation

Lead from wheel weights=a significant portion of lead use

ev: ???,

Lead mining harms the environment

ev: ???, November 2008,

H2. Pollution

Lead wheel weights fall off of cars and are ground to dust and pollute stuff

ev: Environmental Council of the States, August 2009,

Sometimes little kids pick up and play with the lead weights/lead dust on the ground

ev: PhD, August 2009,

impact: human health harmed

Lead is very very dangerous to the human nervous system, its linked to behavioral problems, etc.

ev: ???, April 2009,

H3. Wasted lead

If the lead wheel weights are falling off the cars, then obviously we are wasting that lead.

2000 tons of lead were lost in 2008

ev: Environmental Council of the States, August 2009


M1: Ban lead in wheel weights by amending the TSCA

Funding(for Enforcement): Unallocated TARP funds and general revenue

Advantage 1: Reduced lead mining

impact: environmental benefit

Advantage 2: Human health upheld

Advantage 3: Saved money