Flow Edit

Opener: 88% of diseases come from polluted water according to The World Bank

Goal Increased general welfare of U.S. residents

Plan $23 billion to State Revolving Fund every year

Funding Normal constitutional means


1. Better waste water infrastructure

2. Investment gives back money over several years

Arguments Edit

1. All evidence claiming we need to increase funding by $29 billion is from engineering companies that would benefit from the increased funding.

2. Opener consisted of evidence with no date, therefore the percentage may have decreased significantly(Aff replied that the piece of evidence was meant to be an attention grabber, and went on to read evidence stating not so high percentages, and never got around to giving the date for the opener's evidence).

3. We had evidence stating that the EPA had various similar programs that were working.

4. Tax increase disadvantage: "Normal constitutional means" could, and has meant very often, an increase in taxes.

Cross-Examination Questions Edit

1. Date of opener's evidence?

2. How long would this research and development take even with the increased funding?

3. What diseases?

4. What kind of pollutants are leaked in our water(Didn't give any specifics)

5. Shouldn't we fix the source of the pollutants, rather than taking care of the after affect? (Sets up possible K on consumerism.)