Cooper/South is a novice team who got 2nd place at the Silversmith Qualifier in Washington State and 6th place at the Inland Northwest Qualifier. Audrey Cooper recieved 5th speaker at the Inland Northwest Qualifier. They debate out of Verve in Washington.


Case #1--ANWR

Inherency 1. Animals thrive at Kenai and Prudhoe Bay

Harm 1. Dependence on foreign oil

impact: increased terrorism

Harm 2. High gas prices

impact: dead economy

M1. Open entirety of ANWR

Advantage 1. No more dependence

impact: no repeats of 9/11

Advantage 2. Cheap gasoline

impact: saved economy

Advantage 3. Happy animals!!! [paraphrasing.... : ) ]


Case #2--Abolish CAIR

Inh 1. Pollution regulations failed

H1. Too much regulation

impact: economic harm

M1. Abolish CAIR

Adv 1. Economic prosperity