Caleb Groenevelt and Amber Liddiard's flow, as run at the Rocky Mountain Classic Qualifier, 2010:

Defund Alternative Energy Subsidies and Programs 1ACEdit

Observation 1. Definitions:

United States Federal Government

Alternative Energy

Environmental Policy

Observation 2. Failures:

1. Clean Coal not Clean

a) Obama wants Clean Coal

b) Clean Coal is not Clean

2. Gone with the Wind

a) Wind energy wanted

b) Wind expensive, inefficient

3. Ethanol Starves Environment

a) Farmers use acreage for corn

b) Global poverty, food insecurity

Observation 3. Plan:

1. Government alternate energy programs defunded

2. Alternative energy subsidies canceled

Observation 5. Advantages:

1. Free Market needs challenge

2. $135 Billion savings to taxpayers