This is her Affirmative Case.

She begins with a quote by Thomas Jefferson about how Truth will always prevail.

Value: Truth

Criterion: Competition of Ideas

She presents an interesting definition of cooperation as "compliance; acquiescence."

There are basically three facets to her argument.

1. The main argument of this case is summed up in her first example: Galileo. Because there was a Competition of ideas, Galileo discovered the truth despite persecution by the Roman Catholic church.

2. She also brings up the example of Bi-Low and Publix competing in her hometown. Because of this competition, each was forced to raise its standards*.

3. The third facet deals with the important of competition in elections*.

  • These points are irrelevant to her main argument "Competition leads to truth", and are usually only brought up as "contentions/examples that flow to the affirmative side" if you don't address them.