1AC FlowEdit

I. Definitions:

DDT ban:
Significant: Important, or to a degree
IRS (Indoor Residual Spray):

II. Facts (Harms)

  1. DDT doesn't harm people or the environment (specifically, IRS)
  2. Science proves DDT should not be banned
  3. Because of U.S. ban, other countries can not obtain DDT
  4. 60 millions people have died since 1972 because of malaria

III. Plan

  1. DDT ban lifted on Indoor Residual Spray
  2. DDT endorsed *(Federal Aid Organizations required to use it)

Funding: None

IV. Solvency

  1. U.S. could save millions of lives (by stopping malaria)
  2. DDT eliminated malaria in Greece, India, etc.
  3. DDT even repels resistant mosquitoes (mosquitoes that are not killed by DDT)