1AC Flow - Timber ThinningEdit


Environmental Policy: John McCormick

Reform: “To put or change into an improved form or condition”

Timber Thinning: removing selected trees from a stand [of trees] -the Oregon forest Resources institute.

Goal: Environmental Security

Criterion: comparative advantage


I1: Wildfires cause millions of dollars worth of damage annually in the US.

I2: Wildfires dump pollution and carbon into the air

I3: Wildfires cause death

I4: Firefighters are delayed or prevented from taking preemptive measures against forest fires


M1: National Forestry Service will be categorically excluded from NEPA for the activities of:

1) Timber thinning,

2)Pile and Burn

Agency: Congress and the President

Enforcement:. National Forestry Service

Funding: redirect funds as needed from the $560 million in the fiscal 2010 defense authorization bill allotted to pay for a second engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Advantage 1

Forest thinning reduces risk of fire


Impact 1: Money saved

Impact 2: Pollution decreased

Impact 3: Wildfires prevented: Lives Saved!